Monday, August 15, 2005

Nerdism is Easy, and Fun!!!

Now, I'm not going to get into Transhumanism's jailbait sister, Singularitarianism. Transhumanism is a philosophy just like any other, a perspective on the current human condition as well as the future. Singularitarianism, by comparison, is speculative, since there have been no singularities to date (to the best of my knowledge).

Transhumanism asserts that the human condition is improved by technology, and that technological advancement will inevitably lead to an improvement in the human condition. However, the philosophy has in recent years fallen into the hands of crazy futurists who argue that transhumans are, by definition, on their way to being "posthumans" (immortal cyborgs). Initially, it was defined as "man remaining man, but trans­cending himself, by realizing new possibilities of and for his human nature".

I'd argue that we're already transhumans. We might not live forever, but we certainly rely on technology just to survive, and it clearly makes our lives better. If you disagree, go outside during the winter with no clothes or shelter, or try hunting moose with your bare hands. To some degree, we have become weaker because of technology - myopia isn't selected against any more, yada yada yada, I'm nearly blind. But I think that technology is advancing us faster than evolution ever has, and soon enough technology may even help with our biological evolution, rather than hinder it (see Gattaca).

None of this is proof against the immortal cyborg theories, but it's difficult to predict where progress will take us. There's no universal desire amongst humans to travel into space. Yes, it's cool, but I'd rather be assured I'll always have enough food and medicine than sink cash into that SpaceShipOne ticket. I may personally hope that the food and medicine comes by way of a shiny cyborg body, but I can't be sure - all I know is that other people will want these problems solved too, one way or another.


Blogger Pastor Rowe said...

Transhumanism is the fever dream of mroosn who have no grasp ofthe functionings of our current class system. Think of this: if the Singularity happened tomorrow, then Dick Cheney would be immortal by Monday.

Let that sink in. Anarcho-transhumanism is the only way to go; technology always benefits the powerful first, and if ntechnology gives men the ability to become gods, then they will not be likely to share that technology.

12:16 AM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger Pastor Rowe said... "morons." Not "mroosn." Although I like that, too.

12:17 AM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger Explodicle said...

Like I said in the post, transhumanism is not singularitarianism, even though the two are related. My claim is that technology has improved the human condition as a whole, and will continue to do so.

Following you offtopic, however, I think that this "foglit" technology would have two important properties:
1. It would be free to share with another person.
2. Doing so would not reduce one's own power.
If these were both true, I think that anyone would share with at least one person.

1:56 PM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger Explodicle said...

But yeah, I'm hoping the transhuman stuff is available public-license. :-P

10:18 PM, August 18, 2005  

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