Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Xbox 360

I got me an Xbox 360! First and foremost, let me answer the questions you, my only reader, must surely have.
  • Why now?
    • I haven't had a console system since my Sega Genesis, and having skipped two generations of video game systems, I figured I was due for a new one.
  • Why not the Wii? The Wii is fun and cheap!
    • More of my friends have Xbox 360s, and the games I want are on the Xbox 360.
  • Why not the PS3?
    • The PS3 is an overpriced box of shit.
    • I want the best system for my money, and there is no free gaming alternative (other than an expensive PC and a lot of work with WINE.)
  • Aren't you bothered by the DRM, or the fact that modding an Xbox 360 may get you banned from Xbox live?
    • Nope. I don't tolerate DRM on my computer because it does my thinking for me, and I demand that my computer obey me. My gaming console is just for fun. I don't have a problem with modding restrictions on Live either, because I just want to play an online FPS again without aimbots and wallhacks.
  • What's your login on Live?
    • Explodicle. Email me or leave a comment if you want me to add you to my friends list.
  • You've got Oblivion, right.
    • Obviously.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I need to learn how to play a musical instrument.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

I hope that someday everyone has their own television station.

This is just one example
of the sweet home-brewed TV stations popping up, fueled by YouTube and other video sites that encourage leeching. On a similar topic, I've been having great fun with the client; I like the idea of media where I just give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and it figures out the rest. This sort of stuff foreshadows the replacement of television and radio stations as we know them... something I wouldn't mind at all.

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