Thursday, July 20, 2006

Part 1 in our series: "Making J0kerr 1% More Tolerable!"

How to add hyperlinks in 3 easy steps!
  1. Start with whatever text you would like.
    I want to be like President Bush when I grow up!
  2. Find the URL you would like to include.
  3. Now, type
    <a href="">
    right before what you want linked, and afterwards, a simple
    So the whole thing looks like
    I want to be like <a href="">President Bush</a> when I grow up!
Now, you have a link! W00t!
I want to be like President Bush when I grow up!

Monday, July 17, 2006

I want one!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Holocene Extinction

I'm still working on getting working, namely that I can get GoDaddy to forward to my IP, but the IP displays on the address instead of the domain name. I can still link to subfolders and such. More on this later.

I've been reading up a lot about global warming lately, and how it is potentially a threat to all life on Earth. Now, don't get me wrong - all this nastiness is unnecessary, and I'd rather the globe didn't warm. However, I think the idea that we could wipe out all LIFE on Earth is somewhat conceited. In the grand history of life, we are not special, and not capable of wiping out all life even if we wanted to.

To use a historical example, I would compare the Holocene extinction event (the current one that's our fault, otherwise known as the Sixth Extinction) to the Oxygen Catastrophe 2.5 billion years ago. The first Cyanobacteria evolved, and started recklessly spraying Oxygen all over the place. Before this, not only did organisms not need oxygen - but it was a deadly poison! Imagine the jerk sitting next to you starts farting HORRIBLE POISON GAS. And this is happening all over the world. That's why they call it a catastrophe.

So now, we're farting poison gas that seems to be killing everything, and people think that not only is this something new, but it's the end? The Proterozoic eon was started with the Oxygen Catastrophe; the Sixth Extinction could be a new beginning, rather than the end. An artificial life form could flourish in this toxic world we are creating, and it could be as important a step forward as the multicellular life spawned during the Proterozoic eon.