Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am stalking you.

Ok, I've started using Google Reader again. The sharing capability still kinda sucks, but it's a very convenient way to keep track of everything and never re-read anything with my home computer, work computer, and phone. That, and Google is not blocked from work while some of the sites I like to read are, so this can circumvent the problem.

Another thing I have enabled is what I like to call "Auto-Stalk". Basically, I just run a Google News search on someone, and it makes an RSS feed just for that search. Since Google Reader doesn't have a limit on how many feeds I can have and it's not my computer that's slowing down, I just searched for basically everyone I know and subscribed to their feeds. So now, if anyone I know shosw up in the news anywhere, I'll see it. Marriages, funerals, arrests, major accomplishments... you name it. Unfortunately, no one I know has actually done anything newsworthy yet. But when they do, I'll know!

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