Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've finished with the move to Hartford, but my cable and internet will not be up until the 10th. So, from now until then, the only way to contact me is with the telephone. Even my neighbors don't have internet yet, so I've got nothing to steal from my apartment. I'm typing this from the Hartford Public Library, in some remote corner of the media wing. (I'm that sketchy, unshaven guy with an even sketchier, less shaven laptop.) This place closes at 8:00, so I only have two precious hours of net until I go back into withdrawal.

It's a paradox, you see. If I had friends in the city, I would be able to mooch internet off them. And if I had internet, I would have a much easier time meeting people who might eventually become friends. So far, I've just met a few people at the Irish pub around the corner from my apartment, and I think I may have creeped out my sexy neighbor, who I may have been staring at.


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