Sunday, December 25, 2005

Next Batman villains

Who do you folks think should be the villains in the next Batman movie? I'm hoping for Bane (like in the comics, and not lame like in Batman and Robin) and/or Clayface. I know what you're thinking: the new Batman series is more serious and less cheesy, and has no room for characters such as Clayface. Considering that the next Batman movie will be undoubtedly high-budget, I think Clayface could be CGI rendered as a "normal" person even when not doing cool shape-shifty things, just to put him in the "Uncanny Valley".

For the uninitiated, the "Uncanny Valley" I refer to is when a CGI character or realistic android looks very CLOSE to human, but not quite. You see that something is wrong, but can't put your finger on it... It's just not human, and creeps the hell out of you. Imagine something like this glaring right at you with a big fake smile. Now, imagine it on the big screen, splitting off automata and plotting to kill Batman.


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