Wednesday, November 30, 2005

School Sucks... as usual.

Well, WPI continues to piss me off. Currently, I'm having a bitch of a time getting my degree requirements squared away. I can't wait until this ordeal is over, and I'm outta here. Of course, with that line of thinking, I'll always be looking forward to an easier future that never comes. So, in the interests of good mental health, I'm going to focus on enjoying the present.

For a while I've had Wine, the program that allows me to run Windows programs. Up until now, I kept getting strange errors in dorkineese, and it wouldn't work. Recently, however, I found WineTools, which gives me a usable interface to configure the damn thing. So now, I can run most Windows programs, although a few of them don't like being run off Wine. My first task, of course, is getting Diablo II to work.

EDIT: Has anyone seen my Diablo II CDs?

The wiki project is progressing kinda slowly. It's up and everything, but right now there is just one real program (courtesy of Coriolinus), and one has to copy it into a file manually. One person actually thought the project was supposed to be a search engine, and others have thought it was supposed to be version tracking software; I think this implies that perhaps I should improve on the project description and design documentation. Unfortunately, school has kept me too busy lately to do too much work on it. At least the project isn't getting WORSE, so even if I work slowly, at least it's something.


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