Friday, November 18, 2005

More DooM Nerdage

Doom 3 wasn't enough. It's a good game and all, but it takes time to play. First, you gotta load the game, then load the save, and then spend half your time shining the flashlight around before you finally get to kill something. And when you do, it's usually only a couple of them.

So, I decided to install classic Doom II for when I just need to shoot a lot. Since I use Ubuntu now, I couldn't install the regular Doom II, so I installed PrBoom for Linux and used the game file from my old Doom II CD. However, I still have all the old levels memorized, and didn't really feel like doing them over again.

To spice things up, I got SLIGE and doomBSP, to randomly generate levels. Then I made a little icon and set it up so that when I click it, my computer randomly generates 32 levels and throws me in the thick of the unknown with nothing but a pistol, all in under 6 seconds. It's like playing minesweeper, but with guns and demons. Actually, it's not at all like minesweeper. But it's got GUNS AND DEMONS!


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