Monday, September 19, 2005

Phoneless and free... for now.

Well, my phone is still not charging. I am worried that it's dying, just like the hard drive. I've been reading a lot of the Mage book, and I think the problem is that I've pushed my technosorcery too far, and now it's pushing back. Either that, or it's the shitty open-box charger and worn out old battery. MAGIC!

Nonetheless, I don't really miss the damn thing. Sure, you can press the "ignore" button when someone calls and you don't want to answer, or you can turn your phone off when you don't want to hear from anyone at all. But there's still accountability. There's always accountability. "Missed calls", "voice mail", "outgoing stalk" - the Machine has found a way to fit a thousand tentacles into a pocket-sized box.

Soon enough, I'll have my phone back. But when I do, I'll be better prepared for it. I'll never check who missed me, and delete random voice messages. And it'll be off way more than ever. Over time, it will grow new tentacles, and I will be swift to chop them all off, one after the other, until all I have left is the phone torso I signed on for. Technology is supposed to make my life easier, and I'm not going to forget it again.

Song of the Moment: DJ Sasha & John Digweed - Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence


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