Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cast OFF your sinful mutual funds!

So, I'm reading Time magazine, the issue entitled "Evolution Wars", and there is an article titled "Putting Faith First" that is about Christian investors forcing the face of corperate America to change. One sentance struck me more than the others:
"According to an analysis based on data from investment tracker Morningstar, 58 faith-based mutual funds have formed since 2001, bringing the total to 142."
- Time Magazine, August 15th, 2005, Page whothefuckknowsTimeistoocoolforpagenumbers
Now, when I hear "Morningstar" in a religious context, I think of Isaiah 14:12 - "How have you fallen from heaven, Lucifer, the morning star? You have been cut down to earth, you who cast lots on nations." (Or something to that effect.)

Now, I'm not a religious guy. I don't think Satan has a hand in all of this. I don't see some Funkish similarity between 142 and 14:12. BUT, I do think it's funny that Charlie Church's investments are being watched with great interest by the Morningstar.

Even Best Buy is in on it, "cracking down on minors who buy shoot-em-up video and computer games." It reminds me of this comic.


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