Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hey, more stuff.

Hey, apparently a bunch of people I know have blogs now. Since I'm a crowd follower, I'll start posting on this thing again. The aforementioned losers are linked on my sidebar.

Well, that's enough for today. *whew*

I'm going to go watch cartoons.


Blogger jeff said...

god damn, what have i started? i wonder how many of us are gunna keep the blogs going. . . . i guess ill link back to you as well. by the way, tweak your template whenever you get a chance, i think you are the like third of us to have this one now.

1:25 AM, October 18, 2004  
Blogger Explodicle said...

Hey, for the record, I got it first. :-P

11:30 PM, October 18, 2004  

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