Monday, October 18, 2004

Ed Koch

So, I was watching an interview with Ed Koch on the Daily Show. ("Where more Americans get their news, than probably should.") Koch, unlike my dumbass Republican roommates, actually had an intelligent reason: the Bush Doctrine on hunting down terrorists wherever they are harbored.

It got me thinking of the issue, and I think that Kerry and Bush are like your drinking buddies. Kerry tells you to avoid getting into bar fights, while Bush reminds you to bring some brass knuckles. My concern is that although we may be tough enough to use just our fists, not everyone else is - don't start a fight thinking that there are rules.

Also, I voted today! My vote (like most of ours) doesn't really matter, but I'd lose Bush-hating rights if I didn't. They didn't ask for ID or anything; I just told them my last name, and then picked myself out of list. I got a haircut today too, so I'm thinking about getting a fake 'stash and voting a couple more times.


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